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HealthDiva - Aged Black Garlic Capsules, 60 Capsules for Cholesterol Support, Cardiovascular Heart

Rs. 899.00

Aged Black Garlic is a high-quality fermented garlic supplement consisting of good amounts of S-allyl-cysteine per serving in order to support overall vitality as well as a range of aspects of good health such as healthy blood pressure, healthy immune function, and good cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Aged Black Garlic


  • Aged Black Garlic is one of nature’s best superfoods due to its high antioxidant content. Allicin, believed to be the most beneficial property of garlic, is formed when garlic is crushed and lasts only about an hour after it has been formed. Aged black garlic supplements are good for blood pressure.
  • Aged black garlic converts allicin into a stable and potent antioxidant, S-Allyl-Cysteine (SAC). SAC has twice the antioxidant capacity and is proven to be absorbed better than allicin.
  • The benefits of SAC are as follows: Strengthens the immune system, improves cardiovascular health, helps in regulating blood pressure, a natural antioxidant, decreases oxidative stress related to aging, 30 times less toxic than allicin, and twice the amount of antioxidant capacity than allicin.
  • Our revolutionary aging process enhances the health benefits of garlic. We choose the most wholesome garlic bulbs which then undergoes our 2-step aging process, transforming allicin into SAC.
  • The black garlic supplements are then left out to oxidize, crushed into powder form, and encapsulated. Safety measures are applied to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Our aged black garlic pills are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. We use all-natural ingredients with minimal processing.

Aged Black garlic has been gaining recognition in the West. Cherished by both food-lovers as well as natural health providers, black garlic is produced by means of a fermentation-like procedure where raw garlic is heated in a humidity-controlled environment for around a month and then left to oxidize.

This procedure brings about blackened cloves with a soft and chewy texture as well as a mild and sweet flavor. More significantly, it develops a high number of antioxidants as well as other beneficial compounds.

Research studies indicate that garlic is a good supplement to strengthen blood circulation by improving the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

Aged Black Garlic is composed of several sulfur compounds that may be of advantage in sustaining healthy levels of blood pressure and may also help in the normal clotting process. Aged Black Garlic is just a great alternative to stimulate the action of white blood cells required by the immune system for battling against infections such as colds and fungal infections like candida.

Polyphenols are also present in black garlic that is known to help counteract free radicals and stop them from doing more damage. They are nothing but antioxidants assisting to boost your body’s immune system. Another vital amino acid present in it is Leucine which is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It helps to control the appetite and build muscle. The body fails to synthesize this amino acid thus it must be obtained from the diet. Black garlic and many proteins are a great source.

As already discussed above, black garlic contains twice the quantity of antioxidants in comparison to normal garlic. Antioxidants help in defending against excess free radical destruction to cells, augmenting the risks for chronic conditions. Antioxidant-rich supplements help to keep your immune system and you healthy.

Manufacturer : Packer : Importer : Country of Origin : Item Weight : 5 kg Net Quantity : 1.00 Unit