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Corebolics Raw-Pro 1 kg Natural Whey 80% Concentrate Protein

Rs. 1,987.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Corebolics RAW-PRO is a source of protein that was designed to help meet daily protein needs of men and women in all age groups. Highly digestible, it employs 100% ultrafiltered, low temperature processed whey protein concentrate. This naturally flavoured formula is also highly concentrated in essential amino acids- half of which are muscle-sparing branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that guard hard-earned muscles from catabolism- before, during and after workouts. RAW-PRO Whey can benefit practically everyone, from elite athletes, those making healthy lifestyle choices, to growing children, teens and even the elderly. With the addition of Digezyme, a proteolytic enzyme blend, RAW-PRO Whey helps the body break down both short- and long-chain peptides to smaller, more readily absorbable peptides and amino acids for ideal digestion and absorption.Digezyme helps the body obtain more amino acids from ingested protein, which makes achieving positive nitrogen balance a more seamless process. When an athlete takes RAW-PRO Whey enhanced with Digezyme, the body can absorb more amino acids directly into the bloodstream, which ultimately aids in increasing muscle size, strength and lean body mass.