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BioX Glutamine Rush

Rs. 1,155.00 Rs. 1,650.00


Bullet Point:

  • Boost Immune System
  • Speed-Up Muscle Recovery
  • Decrease DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Wheat-Free And 100% Naturally Fermented Free-Form Amino Acid


GLUTAMINE RUSH is an 100% pure L-Glutamine of the highest quality. It is unflavoured and mixes instantly into your favourite pre, intra, and/or post-workout recovery drinks. It is a perfect addition to your supplement regimen if you want to improve recovery rates and to boost the immune system.

  • It is a conditionally essential amino acid. While it can be manufactured by the body, supplementing with glutamine is recommended because of the high demand the body has for it.
  • Of the free form amino acids present in skeletal muscles, up to 60% is L-Glutamine!
  • Supplementing with it has been shown to induce a significant increase in growth hormone levels, assisting in muscle cell growth.
  • It helps volumize muscle cells, reduce muscle soreness, enhance muscle recovery and help control toxic ammonia.
  • It is anti-catabolic. Supplementing with it will prevent the body from catabolizing muscle tissue for its Glutamine needs.
  • It is in great demand by the body; for that reason, it is an imperative supplement. It is especially critical for athletes; however, it is also a key supplement for anyone looking to improve recovery and boost the immune system
  • It is a primary energy source for the immune system and has been shown to strengthen weakened immune systems.
  • It is also a key nutrient for the intestines, as it has the ability to repair a “leaky gut” by maintaining the structural integrity of the bowels.
  • It also decreases the cravings for sweets and sugar


Manufacturer : Nutrition Zone products INC, 101-7635 North Fraser way burnaby BC, V5J0B8

Packer : Nutrition Zone products INC, 101-7635 North Fraser way burnaby BC, V5J0B8

Country of Origin : Canada

Importer : Sportech Solutions, B2/1B, 102, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 110029

Ships From : New Delhi

Net Quantity : 1.00 Unit